Our promise label

For those of you knowing the shipbuilding industry, the sesame is often being accredited by Veritas or another Certification and Inspection Office company.

Each bottle transported by Grain de Sail® features our « PROMISE LABEL » prominently to ensure provenance and adherence to our values. We carefully select our wine makers and their wines so the Grain de Sail® « PROMISE LABEL » embodies our entire ethos regarding adventure, taste, and sustainability. Our promise is that each wine meets the following criteria:

  • Transported by the Grain de Sail Cargo Sailboat – a unique floating cellar designed to transport wines across the Atlantic with the lowest carbon footprint possible.
  • Sustainable farming practices – the wines in the Grain de Sail® Cargo Sailboat are at least organic and for most of them biodynamic or natural.
  • Great taste – our first priority and our promise to you is that our team of wine experts choose the very best tasting wines. Only the best French wines make it onto our cargo sailboat, so with the Grain de Sail® Wines “PROMISE LABEL” you are certain to discover an excellent cuvée.
  • Never before available in New York City – As we are wine adventurers and we want you to join us, each bottle we bring to you will make its debut on the Big Apple for your tasting pleasure.

How to read our « Promise Label »

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Our logo

Our logo combines elements of a sailboat, a compass, the stars and conveys our sense for adventure.

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Our cargo sailboat

AKA the floating cellar capable of transporting up to 15,000 bottles onboard closely watched by our crew of 4 accomplished sailors. It represents our sea adventure and sustainable maritime transportation.

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A unique voyage code

which allows every owner to retrieve data of the cross Atlantic voyage for their Grain de Sail Wines bottle, such actual route mapping, crew information, cargo log, etc. Here’s how to decipher the meaning of the reference code codes:

  • FR for France – our port of departure is St Malo, Bretagne (France)
  • NYC for New York City – our final destination for the wines
  • 000 for the voyage number – 1 for the maiden voyage and then counting up (there will be at least two voyages per year)
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“Shipped by cargo sailboat”

A simple sentence assuring you that your wine has been fully transported thanks to the power of wind from Bretagne to the Big Apple for the lowest carbon footprint possible.


Our website where you will be able to get to know us better, to browse all our wines, to find our wines in NYC and to enter the trip number of your bottle.