Our cargo sailboat

Slated for completion in the beginning of 2020, this schooner of 80 feet has a payload capacity of 35 tons and a state-of-the-art climate and stability-controlled hull for the goods. Our ship will be able to carry 1,500 cases of 12 per trip and make 2 round trips a year, one in spring and one in fall (approximately 3 months per round trip).

Like in the old days, it only uses wind energy. Unlike back then though it is be equipped with the best modern navigation technologies and is made of aluminum for a better weight/performance ratio and greater durability. We also opted for a rigging with two sails for a bigger wind surface area, for better maneuverability and for greater safety.
Our cross Atlantic voyages

Our floating cellar

Properly preserving the bottles in ideal conditions throughout the voyage was one of our top priorities during the design of the cargo sailboat. It was certainly one of the most important challenges we had to face. Today, we can guarantee that once they arrive in New York City, after a short period of resting, the wines taste as good as before their departure. Here are some features of the cargo sailboat:

Grain de Sail

Hull insulation and climate control

The hull is covered with high grade non-inflammable spray foam insulation and equipped with temperature and humidity control features, thus creating a very large floating wine cellar.

Renewable energy onboard

Mini wind turbines, solar panels, and hydrogenators power all electronics on-board, including HVAC equipment.

International shippings standards

The cargo sailboat has undergone significant computer model testing to meet international merchant shipping regulation, which has been certified by an independent auditor, Bureau Veritas.

Taste-resiliency test

All our wines are put through a ‘taste-resiliency’ test, which involves placing bottles in cargo sailboats for at least three weeks at sea and tasting them at various intervals after they return (generally upon returning to the harbor, then 1 week later and then another 2 weeks thereafter).

Our sailors

A highly trained merchant marine captain from Bretagne steers the vessel, assisted by one lieutenant responsible of all sail-related matters, an amazingly skilled seaman; and an outstanding fisherman who also happens to be a professional photographer.