Grain de sail, a sustainable alternative

Grain de sail, a sustainable alternative

From Central America to France to the USA, Grain de Sail sources, crafts, and ships organic goods with the first modern Cargo Sailboat in the world.

Twice a year our Cargo Sailboat ships organic goods to New-York. After a few days in the City, we sail down to the Dominican Republic loaded with Humanitarian supplies destinated to local communities. There, we finally fill the hull with cocoa mass and green coffees beans to supply our factories in France.

At Grain de Sail, we believe that transporting goods by cargo sailboat puts sustainability and people back on stage. It is no longer just wines or chocolate bars; it is organic gastronomic goods made by and for the modern adventurers.

Organic Goods that sail

As the world’s only commercial exporter of fine chocolates and wines by Cargo Sailboat, we have the though responsibility of filling the limited space in the hull with the most deserving delicacies.

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Inspired by our past, we innovate for the future

We call it « retro-innovating« . This is something we kept in mind in all the development of our adventure.
Using a sailboat to ship goods between the new and the old world seems «déjà-vu», doesn’t it? Several centuries after the first adventurers, we are still harnessing the power of wind but with the help of the latest navigation technologies.
Retro-innovation is also about finding other innovators in the wine industry who are inspired by ancestral techniques while bringing a modern vision to what wine can be today.