Our wine selection

Because we want our wines to be as exceptional as everything else we do, we have defined specific selection criteria and a robust selection process.


The first and foremost principle is quality and taste. We taste wines with our internal team and outside wines experts (with moderation, of course…) and our first criterion is that we need to like it!

Organic, biodynamic and natural

Sourcing wines made by ecologically conscientious wine growers is a no-brainer for us. It has to be at least organic but we are also strong advocates for biodynamic and we support people who craft wines with the least amount of intervention possible, in the vein of the ‘Natural’ wines movement!

New wave winemakers

We cherish the winemakers with whom we share common values. Whether they are the new generation of historic families or people who fell in love with wine more recently, they are the game changers and this is why we love them and their small and independent vineyards.