Estate Grain de Sail Wines
Location Burgundy - Beaune
Soils Clay & Limestone
Grape variety Pinot Noir - Chardonnay
Method Organic
Address 6 Rue du Château - 21700 Villers-la-Faye

Grain de Sail®’s own Burgundy

At Grain de Sail® we have our own coffee roasting facility and chocolate factory because we like to make good products ourselves. We don’t own vineyards but we could not resist getting into wines. In fact, it started as a necessity, because, as we were travelling the country to find the best wines possible for the ship, we came across some difficulties in the most famous wine regions around the world: Burgundy. Due to our strict selection criteria (quality and taste, not available in NYC, organic or biodynamic, new wave winemakers), we searched and searched again but we couldn’t find anything that checked all the boxes. Reluctantly, we accepted we may not be able to bring Burgundy wines to the US. You may say what a shame! You are right, and so did Jacques, our president!

Jacques has been an absolute lover of Burgundy wines ever since he tasted one for the first time, a Clos de Vougeot (not too bad for a first intro), with his wife many years ago. It seemed inconceivable for him not to have Burgundies onboard. So, we just decided that if we can’t find one, let’s make one! But we live in Brittany, not Burgundy. But hey, that’s definitely not the first bold idea in the Grain de Sail® adventure!

So, this time we found the perfect partner. A young, small and artisanal wine merchant company led by a man who shares our values. He buys organic grapes on some of the best parcels of Burgundy and then crafts the wines himself. We started to work together to associate his philosophy and our approach to Burgundy wines. Specifically, we wanted balance, freshness, fruits and delicacy, and limited oak.

Organic Grain de Sail Wines 2018

Our 2018 Burgundy wines

We are proud to offer a range of five Grain de Sail®’s Burgundies, including Côte de Nuits-Villages and Nuits Saint-Georges appellations! Only about 300 cases of this range will be produced for this first trip. These wines serve as a showcase of our adventure and another symbol of our willingness to go to great extents for our consumers. We now have our own wines to go with our own cargo sailboat.