Estate L'Affût
Location Loire Valley - Sologne Viticole
Soils Sand on Clay
Grape variety Sauvignon - Chardonnay - Gamay - Cabernet Sauvignon - Côt - Pinot Noir
Method Turning to Organic 2nd Year
Address Chemin du Moulin - 41700 Sassay


Isabelle is one of a kind. Hailing from a family who owned an Oak Sawmill, she discovered wine through the barrels and it was an instant crush! After working in different countries and regions, from winemaker to marketing specialist and also more trade-related jobs, she came back in 2017 to her home, Sassay, with one idea, to make her own wine.

She now manages a 14 hectare estate where she grows more than 8 different grape varieties such as a very old Gamay (over 100 years old), beautiful Sauvignon Blancs or voluptuous Chardonnays. For Isabelle, being a winemaker means always being on the lookout or “à l’Affût” like we say in French. It first means observing closely the vines, soils, flora, and fauna but it’s also a hint to her personal story as the word “fût” in French means barrel in English.

From the Wood to the Vines by Isabelle

Wood & Vines

“I grew up in the wood industry because my father had an oak sawmill, this is why I first started studying forestry management. So, it’s through the barrel that I discovered wine and changed directions. That’s how I became an agronomist, specialized in viticulture and oenology.”