Our Values

Taste, Adventure and Sustainable Development are our guiding principles for moving ahead every day. Yet, we do not hesitate to look at our past to imagine our future.

Since its foundation, Grain de Sail is engaged in a process of sustainable development aiming at balancing the company’s environmental, social and economic performances. This approach is both pragmatic and realistic. It implies that any decision that goes against our philosophy of sustainable development will be rejected. We are constantly arbitrating and optimizing our activities. On one hand, we are willing to undertake bold decisions even when it implies higher costs (i.e., with our sailing boat). On the other hand, we accept that not everything is achievable, especially simultaneously. Ambitious projects must sometimes be sequenced in different steps. We impose on ourselves transparency and objectivity in our process by identifying everything we have done and what remains to be implemented. This roadmap is a decisive tool that allows us to evaluate our progress so far and foresee improvement opportunities.

Grain de Sail-chocolate


In our hearts we are all gourmets and we try to convey the passion that drives us for « good » taste. From the choice and selection of our raw ingredients to the processing and the development of our recipes: we leave nothing to chance to ensure the best possible taste for our consumers. No product leaves our workshops without being tested and validated by our teams.


The thrill for adventure runs through our veins. Such as always going further, pushing our limits, continuously looking for new challenges. That’s why we never artificially impose any restrictions upon ourselves. With the same energy and the same enthusiasm, we will continue to reach higher and build new cargo sailboats, new chocolate and coffee making facilities in an even more responsible and ecological way while always trying to improve!


The pillars of an approach for sustainable development are reducing the impact on the planet; social well-being and equity; economic sustainability and job maintenance. At Grain de Sail, we are keenly aware of all these aspects.

The cargo sailboat is a strong symbol of our philosophy towards the respect for nature. Our partnerships to provide work and promote the integration of the disabled are one of the foundations of our social approach as well as the fair remuneration of our suppliers (especially the farmers in Latin America). Every day, Grain de Sail tries to maintain the environmental, social and financial balance to continue to demonstrate that a company can be more virtuous.