Estate Famille Hébinger
Location Alsace - Eguisheim
Soils Limestone, shale & silt
Grape variety Riesling - Pinot-Gris - Gewurztraminer
Method Bodynamic
Address 14 Grand Rue - 68420 EGUISHEIM

Domaine Hebinger

Located in Eguisheim, Domaine Hebinger is a true family affair. Organic since 2016 and Biodynamic since 2011, Christian, Véronique and their son Denis are big ambassadors of permanent grassing, no pesticides, no herbicides, and agroforestry without much boasting because it seems like the obvious way to farm for them.

Denis is the fourth generation in this estate and if one thing is for sure, it’s that he perfectly represents the new scene of young Alsatian winemakers who are always experimenting, from natural vinification and skin contact to Pet’ Nat and single parcel and so on… Denis is truly avant-garde and very versatile.

Most of the time you will find him in the vineyard or the cellar but as an Art’s enthusiast he is also deeply involved in the Alsatian Art landscape as evidenced by his collaboration with Kean TVC, an amazing artist at the crossroads of urban and contemporary Art, for the labels of his bottles. A winemaker in love with Art, Denis may be Alsatian but he could easily pass for a New Yorker!

How to open a barrel

After the harvest, as a winemaker, you need to make some space for the grapes growing from your vineyard. To get this space you first need to bottle the wines that are in your VAT or barrel then to wash them properly, getting them ready for the new vintage. As oak barrels are less and less used nowadays, it is important to share the process with the new generation like Laura, on how to open an old and imposing barrel. Denis seems to be quite a good teacher so have a look!