Estate Domaine Achillée
Location Sherwiller - Alsace
Soils Grave, schist, granite and sandstone
Grape variety Riesling - Sylvaner - Gewürztraminer - Pinots Blanc - Muscats - Chasselas - Plums
Method Biodynamic
Address 50 Rue de Dambach - 67750 Scherwiller

Domaine Achillée

The Achillée winery is located in the village of Scherwiller, just between Strasbourg and Colmar. Impossible to think about how dynamic Alsace is without thinking of Jean & Pierre Dietrich who really are the perfect embodiment of this dynamism!

The Dietrich’ vineyard has been in the family for over 60 years, producing organic grapes for 20 years and applying a biodynamic philosophy since 2003. In 2016, Jean & Pierre joined their father, Yves, to switch from selling grapes to the local co-op to creating their own estate and this is how Achillée, was born!
The winery is named after the “Achillée” flower, which is used in biodynamic methods and spreads sun rays equitably. This egalitarian spirit reflects how the property is managed, including the relationships with its partners.

They started by building a completely natural bioclimatic wine cellar from straw, which enables the temperature to stay around 15°C all year round and as a matter of fact, it is the largest European building made from straw to this day!
Then they developed a brand new range of wines from their 18 Ha highlighting their plots and terroirs through what’s inside and outside the bottles..
They also take fully advantage of the various fruit trees biodynamically farmed that they have to produce unique and astonishing Pet ‘Nat/Kind-of-Cider from Plums or cherry.

How to name a Plums Pet’Nat

First step: take at least a week to think about it with your team by organizing brainstorming, meetings, think outside the box sessions then realize it did not work.
Second step: prefer a great night of tastings with the team to think about it again, throw ideas and suggestions all night long.
Third step: forget almost everything you said last night, realize that the printing of the labels starts tomorrow, call your brother to ask, “How do we call again the Quetsches, alors?”.

When the name came as spontaneously as the actual fermentation, you know you’re fine.